Why use the AOHBL program?

Why use AOHBL?

Q: Why use AOHBL?
A: We help you prepare your Pre-schooler for school.

Q: How do we do it?
A: We use our unique TUT2 method.

Q: How does it work?
A: We Teach U To Teach your Pre-schooler in a fun, interactive way.

Q: Where do we teach?
A: You teach at home, at your pace and when it suits you.

Q: Is a formal qualification needed?
A: None at all.

Q: Are parents actually taught during a course?
A: That’s the best part of it all. You start teaching your pre-schooler immediately with our teaching tools and while you are doing that, you are automatically learning how to teach them. At the end, we’ve taught you how to prepare a pre-schooler for school.

No classes for you, no exams, just success!

Most of all you and your pre-schooler are having fun learning together. You’re learning and they are learning.

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The future calls for people to use both sides of their brain

Many parents do not realise the importance of learning in the early years, especially in the first four-six years of a child’s life, as that is when the main learning pathways in the brain are formed. The top picture is that of an unstimulated brain. We don’t want...


The demand is here – education has to change! What served the past will not serve the future! The present generation will probably not stay in the same job forever but will have multiple jobs in different fields. Therefore, students need to be prepared for the new...

Education is in my blood

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What are the Homeschooling facts?

A NEW FAD? Homeschooling is here to stay … but homeschooling is nothing new! Many years ago it was in the home that children were taught many skills by their parents. In the year 1717 Prussia started the first compulsory Primary School where children sat at desks...

The brain and learning in the early years

The initial six years of a child’s life are the most important. At no other time in his life will a child learn as much as he does as in those first six years. Consider what you have learned in the last six years of your life and compare that with the amount a child...

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I genuinely love using this program and would recommend this to all home school parents who really want to give their children a good solid foundation in their beginning years of learning.
Michael Robinson

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