Here’s what people are saying about Dr. Grossi’s work.

“I am homeschooling a five year old (along with a nine year old) and decided to enrol with AOHBL at the beginning of this year.  I wanted my child to do something that was age appropriate, stimulating and fun, but also needed something that would not require hours and hours of internet searching to package everything together.  What I have found in Dr Grossi’s program encompasses all of this.  It is a well rounded, entertaining and just what we needed.  We start the day doing some warm up activities and then do a few worksheets and read something from the lesson plan.

Before I engaged in the program, I felt like I was “hit and miss”, not sure if what I was doing would produce the results I wanted and my son needed to achieve. Now I feel pretty confident that we are covering all our bases. We do crafts together and my son often asks for the stories to be read multiple times. His favourite part of the whole thing is the music CD which he listens to ALOT (WARNING: This CD will be engrained in your BRAIN!) I have also been delighted with the support and service I have received from the staff at AOHBL.  Prompt and efficient service and help if I need it.  Overall a great program for your young homeschooler, with excellent advice and content, with minimal stress on you as the parent to prepare material.”

Vanessa, South Africa

I genuinely love using this program and would recommend this to all home school parents who really want to give their children a good solid foundation in their beginning years of learning.

Michael Robinson

The worksheets are so well laid out, fun and the intent so valuable for learners. The purpose of the worksheets are shown to parents so they gain an understanding what the child needs to learn while doing the worksheets. I find there is real purpose in the AOHBL program and my child has learnt and grown so much with his writing, coloring and tracing. I would highly recommend the AOHBL to all parents.

Jodi Evans

I have had such fantastic results with this home-based Learning program. I really love and enjoy all the valuable insight and advice from Dr Grossi at the start of each session which gives us guidelines as parents of ways to get really optimize learning and also growth of the child. Also the sessions include general knowledge information based around the topic which is really interesting and great both for parent and for parent to impart on child.

Linda Thomson – Mom of two (ages 4 and 6)

“The site is very easy to navigate! Colorful and organized, extremely user friendly.”

Rebecca Wilson, LCSW, School Based Health Center Clinician

“Edwina’s passion for children and enthusiasm for life leaves us all standing!”

Leanne Nixon-James (Lecturer)

“With knowledge and confidence I can attest to the excellence and significance of the scholarship and leadership provided by Dr. Grossi. She is outstanding at designing learning experiences and environments that promote achievement.”

Pamela M. Christian, Ph.D. Associate Provost Azusa Pacific University

“Dr. Grossi’s programmes of learning have impacted Early Childhood Development and have proliferated in South Africa through her personal lecturing on the subject, through courses she has written and through the Pre-Schools her former students have established.”

Prof Naydene de Lange Faculty of Education, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth

“Dr Edwina Grossi is not simply an educationist. She is a woman impassioned by her desire to help young people realise their full, unique potential. At the core of her teachings is the fundamental principle that each child has ability and a contribution to make to wider society.”

Viv Attwood ( Journalist and Editor)

“Her unwavering passion for, and dedication to, the education of the young has affected the lives of countless teachers and learners. To quote Professor White “Not more than one American child in ten gets adequate development in the vital first three years of life”

Professor Claudia Mitchell, Mc Gill University, Canada

“When faced with a challenge in education Dr Grossi creates the solution herself. This is a highly regarded penchant peculiar to her.”

Professor Claudia Mitchell, Mc Gill University, Canada

“She is a creative, imaginative individual who has displayed her exceptional talent, not only in Creative Research but also in the field of Education, in particular Early Childhood Development. Dr. Grossi is a ‘forward thinker’ who, noting the change in society in the 21st century, recognised that a new philosophy of learning needs to lead an integrated curriculum system in education.”

Professor Claudia Mitchell, Mc Gill University, Canada

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I genuinely love using this program and would recommend this to all home school parents who really want to give their children a good solid foundation in their beginning years of learning.
Michael Robinson

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