PrepsCool Greatest Hits – Volume 1


Build Our House Carrots, Peas & Broccoli Dog Named Rags Down At The Station Fish Named Biss Going To The Beach Heads, Shoulders & Knees I Have Something Special I Like Apples I Picked An Apple I Ride My Little Bicycle I Will Build A Castle I Am A Doctor I Am A Tomato In […]

PrepsCool Greatest Hits – Volume 1

  1. Build Our House
  2. Carrots, Peas & Broccoli
  3. Dog Named Rags
  4. Down At The Station
  5. Fish Named Biss
  6. Going To The Beach
  7. Heads, Shoulders & Knees
  8. I Have Something Special
  9. I Like Apples
  10. I Picked An Apple
  11. I Ride My Little Bicycle
  12. I Will Build A Castle
  13. I Am A Doctor
  14. I Am A Tomato
  15. In The Evening
  16. Mr Moon
  17. In The Garden
  18. Mr Snowman
  19. Mr Sun – Its Such A Sunny Day
  20. My Dog Dandy
  21. Old MacDonald
  22. Red Tomatoes
  23. The More We Are Together
  24. This Is The Way Dress
  25. Tie Your Shoes
  26. You Are My Sunshine


I genuinely love using this program and would recommend this to all home school parents who really want to give their children a good solid foundation in their beginning years of learning.

Michael Robinson

The worksheets are so well laid out, fun and the intent so valuable for learners. The purpose of the worksheets are shown to parents so they gain an understanding what the child needs to learn while doing the worksheets. I find there is real purpose in the AOHBL program and my child has learnt and grown so much with his writing, coloring and tracing. I would highly recommend the AOHBL to all parents.

Jodi Evans

I have had such fantastic results with this home-based Learning program. I really love and enjoy all the valuable insight and advice from Dr Grossi at the start of each session which gives us guidelines as parents of ways to get really optimize learning and also growth of the child. Also the sessions include general knowledge information based around the topic which is really interesting and great both for parent and for parent to impart on child.

Linda Thomson - Mom of two (ages 4 and 6)


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