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The Foundation for Your Child’s Education Starts Here

Much of the homeschool curriculum available on the web today focus on serving children who learn in one way or by teaching your student to just “pass” another test. The Academy of Home Based Learning was created to truly teach children to love what they learn and to learn what they love.

We use multiple teaching styles within each lesson to engage your child no matter their unique learning style — whether that is by sight, by touch, or by hearing. By the end of each age group, your child will have built a strong foundation for their education and love learning!

Each Session Includes:

  • Weekly Schedule for planning & notes
  • Parent’s Note & Introduction by Dr. Grossi
  • Language Development: vocabulary, questions & answers, verses, songs & story
  • Creative Activities:guide for thematic handwork & worksheets
  • General Knowledge
  • Behaviour & Safety
  • Environmental Awareness: to teach about the environment
  • Nature and Knowledge: to teach about the world
  • Stories, songs, verses, questions: for language development and thinking skills
  • Health & Nutrition, Fun Recipe
  • Wonderskills: exercises for physical development & motor skills

    Ready to Begin?

    Simply choose your child’s age group below, purchase a complete set or individual sessions, and watch your child flourish.

    3-4 Years: Tiny Tots (Pre-K)

    Notes from Dr. Grossi:

    Three is a wonderful age. The 3-year-old appears to have calmed down and a state of equilibrium is reached. The extremes of 2 ½ appear to be in the past as the 3 year old wants to do things right. Three is quite a happy child. Characteristics that could describe him/her are calm, friendly, competent, giving and co-operative.

    4-5 Years: Little Learners (Pre-K)

    Notes from Dr. Grossi:

    The 4-year-old has been referred to as “out of bounds” but wild and wonderful. He/she can be silly, imaginative, excitable and sensitive. Four loves new things – new games, new places, new books, new people, etc. He/she has a lively mind and a vivid imagination.

    5-6 Years: Super Stars (Kindergarten)

    Notes from Dr. Grossi:

    The 5 year old is at a lovely stage. 5 wants to be good and do things “just right.” 5 enjoys being complimented and loves to learn new facts. Children of this age have a remarkable appetite for new experiences. They appear ready for almost anything.

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    • I Can Read – Level 3

    • I Can Read – Level 2



    I genuinely love using this program and would recommend this to all home school parents who really want to give their children a good solid foundation in their beginning years of learning.
    Michael Robinson

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