The AOHBL Programme

an introduction to the AOHBL learning programme

I genuinely love using this program and would recommend this to all home school parents who really want to give their children a good solid foundation in their beginning years of learning.

Michael Robinson

She is a creative, imaginative individual who has displayed her exceptional talent, not only in Creative Research but also in the field of Education, in particular Early Childhood Development. Dr. Grossi is a ‘forward thinker’ who, noting the change in society in the 21st century, recognised that a new philosophy of learning needs to lead an integrated curriculum system in education.

Professor Claudia Mitchell, Mc Gill University, Canada

Dr. Grossi’s programmes of learning have impacted Early Childhood Development and have proliferated in South Africa through her personal lecturing on the subject, through courses she has written and through the Pre-Schools her former students have established.

Prof Naydene de Lange Faculty of Education, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth

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  • Age 4 – 5 Complete Course

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