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Our story with Dr Edwina Grossi

The Academy of Home Based Learning was founded by Dr. Edwina Grossi, PhD Psychology of Education.  The home-school programs are structured around Dr. Grossi’s most recent textbook, Lanterns and Lunch Tins:  Fundamentals for Learning in the Formative Years.

Dr Grossi’s career in education and home-schooling has spanned nearly five decades.

Dr. Grossi founded and developed a number of world-first educational institutions:

  • Wonderland Baby Care
  • Wonderland Pre-Primary School
  • Embury College Primary School
  • Embury College High School
  • Embury Institute for Teacher Education; and most recently
  • The Academy of Home Based Learning.

“Despite the demands of her overlapping careers as head of the Embury Group, academic researcher, writer and artist, Grossi has never outgrown the enchanted world of childhood. This is what distinguishes her from many others in her field. She remembers all the wonder and beauty of youthful innocence and the hunger children feel, in order to learn and achieve recognition for their efforts.” Vivian Attwood (Editor)

The Academy of Home Based Learning has been a dream of Dr Grossi’s for more than 15 years.

In 1996, at the dawn of the age of internet, she began to envision using this medium as a place where her lessons and teaching principles, tried and tested over the years, would be available to children and parents worldwide.

The Academy aims to provide a place for parents as teachers to engage, learn, communicate, build friendships and receive support in their home teaching endeavours.

“I have followed Dr Grossi’s work closely as I had occasion to visit one of the  Institutions she founded, namely Wonderland Pre-Primary, whose originality of premises and the uniqueness of the programmes of learning intrigued me.

She is a creative, imaginative individual who has displayed her exceptional talent, not only in Creative Research but also in the field of Education, in particular Early Childhood Development.

Dr Grossi is a ‘forward thinker’ who, noting the change in society in the 21st century, recognised that a new philosophy of learning needs to lead an integrated curriculum system in education.

Her new book, which is still in writing,  for teachers and parents of children in the Pre-Primary, Junior and High School,  advises not only how to recognise children’s special intelligences, cited by Howard Gardner, but advocates the methodology by which teachers and parents can use a child’s particular intelligence to stimulate and enhance learning in other areas.  Dr. Grossi applied this exclusive methodology not only in her Pre-School but also in the other schools she has founded, namely Embury College Primary, Embury High and Embury Institute for Teacher Education.” Professor Claudia Mitchell, Mc Gill University, Canada

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  • I Can Read – Level 2



The worksheets are so well laid out, fun and the intent so valuable for learners. The purpose of the worksheets are shown to parents so they gain an understanding what the child needs to learn while doing the worksheets. I find there is real purpose in the AOHBL program and my child has learnt and grown so much with his writing, coloring and tracing. I would highly recommend the AOHBL to all parents.
Jodi Evans

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